1. Do you know of any offshore wind farm examples around the world? Explain some of its features in a few words.

Rødsand or Nysted Wind Farm

Started in
MW installed
Wind turbines
thousands of Households
  • Nysted Wind Farm was started in 2,018 in Denmark near Lolland.
  • The farm consist of 91 wind turbines with 154m of rotor diameter each one.
  • These wind turbines generates 573MW enought for supplies electricity for 500,000 households in the United Kingdom.

  1. If you had to choose a good location to build a wind farm in Europe, where would you build it? Copy and paste the location in Google maps and state the reasons for your decision.

I think the Norwegian coast can be a good place to build a wind farm in Europe.
The main reasons that lead me to this decision are:

  • It is a planetary current wind zone.

  • It is an area of strong sustained winds.

  • It is a very wide area.