Before the appearance of the human being, all earthly life lived in perfect harmony following a sustainable life cycle.

For about 60 years, the human being has begun to consume more resources than nature can supply. All this is causing an environmental imbalance with terrible consequences.

As indicated in the video, many animals and plants species have disappeared, are in danger of extinction or in decline. An example that shows is the deforestation of the Amazon in which all the plant species have been eliminated to plant eucalyptus (paper pulp) and palm trees (oil).

Personal opinion

The rhythm of life of the human being is destroying all the natural resources of the planet. We do not give time to regenerate and keep the cycle of life balanced.

So if we continue like this in the near future we will not have enough resources for our existence and we will end up extinct like the inhabitants of Easter Island.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity may reflect and take a radical turn from its day to day to counteract the bad habits of globalization that it has had until today.

Alfredo Rosés